Evelyn's Inflatable Australian Animals @ YABARRA Gathering of Light at the Adelaide Fringe

Evelyn has 6 inflatables up at the amazing Yabarra - Gathering of Light along Karrawirra Parri.

GFG Alliance Presents 
Yabarra - Gathering of Light
by Adelaide Fringe, illuminart and Yellaka 
Brought to life by Novatech and Epson

15 Feb - 17 Mar: 8.30pm to Midnight 
Free Event/Family Friendly 
Karrawirra Parri, River Torrens (Adelaide University footbridge)


A story for the senses, as projected light and sound guide you through an interactive cultural landscape, sharing stories of Kaurna country along Tarndaparri (the original name for the River Torrens).


Perkendi tappa 
Immersive Sound Walk 
Listen to the sounds of the ever-changing landscape. The seasonal sounds of nature and culture will guide your movement through the six seasons of time. 

Tikkandi, Nukkondi, Yurringarnendi 
Sit Look Listen 
Wait patiently, sit respectfully, and observe the seasonal stories come alive as they change in a sea of colour and sound.

Munaintya Murra  
Dreaming Hands 
Come add your story through the touch of your hand. Help create a wall of dreaming hands and see them come to life in this interactive projection artwork.

Water Screen 
Water and light combine to share stories of how the animals and fishermen of Tarndaparri once lived together in harmony.

Karra Kattendi 
Above Below 
Everything is connected land, sea and sky countries are all one. Look up for the native birds on the river banks, how many birds can you find?

Karrarendi Meyunna  
Schultz Building 
Proud spirit custodians look out over Yabarra and the country. They share knowledge through cultural ways of understanding. 

Burro Mandi 
Animals Alive  
A story will bring to life the heart of each native animal sitting along Tarndaparri – Torrens River and share their connection to the river. Learn their names, share their stories.