The Mazes are a phantasmagoria of colour and mystery

There is the Ecomaze: beginning with the intro dome, tunnels and then the children make their way into the replant dome. This is a denuded forest which they can rejuvenate with velcro leaves, flowers and pods.

crab maze.jpg

A Murray River info dome can also be attached to the Ecomaze. There's even a potato dome which can also be attached.

The Ornimaze, the colourful world of flowers and stamens. The Crab Maze with the giant crab entry dome.

All the Mazes are educational and are adjustable to suit your environmental concerns, be it rainforest, the river systems, the desert or wetlands of the world. It's an ecological journey ending in the celebration of life.


Site Size - 25mts X 20mts x 4mts high approx.
Length of Event - every 5-10 minutes
Capacity - Approx. 30 children at a time
Volunteers Needed - 3-4 to assist in running the maze